Sunday, 18 December 2011

Beauty of Belur and Heaven of halebeedu

Sundar was very eager to see belur and haleebeedu. He has not seen the beauty and glamour of karnataka. So, we decided to look at belur and halebeed as it is close and a good destintion for a weekend.

Well, I need not detail about the history or the type of architecture. One can find them in the numerous websites.

Though I have seen it a couple of times during my school days, each time you see, it is an enthralling experience. What is so enthralling about this? A temple which is 900 years old?A temple which took 3 generations to build? The admiration of the kings for the ladies?

I wondered? what did I wonder?
Which engineering college did those artisans go to? How intricate were the carvings? Their imagination was a wonder. Is it ever possible to have a marvel in this age?

Everything that girls use these days -pony tails, bob cut, boy cuts, skirts, middies, minis, skirts - You name it, you can find it here.

The various mood of ladies are depicted in an exemplary way.
The famous scenes of ramayana and mahabharatha are carved to perfection. various moods of GOD, the avatars of maha vishnu are true to life and attractive. The star shape of the temple ,the balcony system shows the depth of imagination and intellectual thinking

What struck me the most were some of these - you can typical look for these when you these places...

Beautiful strings on the drum that is held by ladies. It looks like a rope tied around the drum though it is not. The nails carved are so true to life, the curves on sole of the feet, the carving of the intestine of hiranya kashipu which lord narasimha wears as a garland, the water drops dripping froma ladies hair after she has a hair bath, a lizard trying to catch an insect on the jackfruit, the scorpion carved below putana who tried to kill krishna, shiva's dance inside the stomach of an elephant, varaha swamy, vamana avatar, ravana lifting the himalayas. govardhana giridhari krishna. The jewels carved are so exhaustive and detailed. The 64 pillars inside the sanctum sanctoram of belur have varied designs and no two designs are the same.

It seems the small chain on the head of Shantala, the queen, can be seen to be still moving, her bangles can be still felt to be moving. The guide there says that there was a pillar which used to rotate but because of the beam weight , crashed and now is immovable. All said and done, each carving is a wonder and a marvel in its own and every artisan who has contributed to this wonderful piece of architecture is surely a reason to put India in the world map as a country which is rich in history and creativity.

Now, to the flip side - There are statues which are either stolen or disfigured specially in halebedu. Some were robbed many years back, some stolen to foreigners for petty thousands of rupees. We, as Indians, have to know the value of our art and heritage, be proud of it and protect it. It is the duty of every INDIAN.

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